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Welcoming Highly Sensitive Followers of Jesus

What we refer to as “highly sensitive persons” are people who carry the genetic trait of sensory-processing sensitivity, as defined by Dr. Elaine Aron. Research has found this trait in around 20% of people, both men and women.

photo of Gail Ruth

Scriptures are filled with evidence that God, as an expression of His mighty wisdom, designed us humans to be legitimately different from each other. To look and function differently in our daily lives. To need other very different kinds of people, with no kind being more significant or valuable than another. To each be a secure and and honoring part of what He desires to be a functioning whole.

And as the wisest of parents, God treasures interacting with His children according to their created design. He longs for us to see for ourselves how much He loves relating with us highly sensitive children in gentle, finely-tuned ways. In ways of the heart and emotion.

Father God, may the abundance of life in Jesus Christ be made accessible to those who live in highly sensitive ways!

Let us become rooted and grounded in Your warm, secure, agape-style love for us, just like Jesus was!

May we be progressively changed into one-of-a-kind expressions of the image and nature of Jesus Christ through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in us!

May we celebrate Your wisdom in making us different from each other by humbly valuing both ourselves and those who are unfathomably unlike us! 

And through all this, may we grow into such secure and harmonious relationship with You that we fulfill Your vision for creating us with this trait! The Name of Jesus!

A Healing/Growing Path for Us Through Jesus

The kind benefits of the grace of Jesus make it possible for us to be at peace with God. And from that secure relationship, God has provided ways for us…

  • to be healed from a sense of defectiveness and shame — by experiencing our Creator valuing and loving us.
  • to find emotional security — by inheriting Jesus’ own secure love relationship with Father God.
  • to forgive and not judge — by coming to be so dependent upon the kind mercy and forgiveness of God for our own selves that we willingly labor from our hearts to pass it on.
  • to value those who do not carry our trait without needing to make sense of them — through choosing humility and mercy.
  • to learn about our true selves — by letting the Holy Spirit lead us into who God created us to be in Christ.
  • to develop, as much as possible, a personally sane way of being on the planet — by following the Holy Spirit as He coaches us in this.
  • to be fruitful — by allowing the Holy Spirit to bear fruit in and through us in harmony with our heart and sensitivity.

Father God, let this all be made so here on earth as it is in heaven! The Name of Jesus!