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A New Website Under Creation

I am creating a new website, Following Jesus, GailRuth.com. It will start small and grow to have my writings and scripture songs and some of my other songs and poems and visual creative works. And for a time this site here will be a forwarding page to my new site. I will no longer be writing for this site, as has been the case for a while now.

Header of new website: following Jesus, GailRuth.com


I will be writing and creating at my new site AS a highly sensitive person, because I am one. But I will not be talking about high sensitivity. I want to talk about following Jesus. And our kind Father God. And the beautiful Holy Spirit. And look at scriptures with eyes that see beyond the familiar.

new website under creation


I started the Highly Sensitive Christian website in 2009, when there was nobody I nor my readers could find in the Body of Christ who was taking a hard look at Elaine Aron’s concept of the highly sensitive person and teaching about it on the internet or in books.

I wrote into 2011. By then many wonderful believers had picked up the torch and were carrying it well, and I needed to back away from the blog and let it sit. After years of process I tried to come back and rekindle this old passion afresh. But more process now has taught me that it’s time to move on to a new project and to let this pass away.

I bless all who have read and benefited from my writings, from the past and present. May my new project be a blessing to many.

Gail Ruth
Following Jesus…

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