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A New Website Under Creation

I am creating a new website, Following Jesus, GailRuth.com. It will start small and grow to have my writings and scripture songs and some of my other songs and poems and visual creative works. And for a time this site here will be a forwarding page to my new site. I will no longer be writing for this site, as has been the case for a while now.

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I will be writing and creating at my new site AS a highly sensitive person, because I am one. But I will not be talking about high sensitivity. I want to talk about following Jesus. And our kind Father God. And the beautiful Holy Spirit. And look at scriptures with eyes that see beyond the familiar.

new website under creation


I started the Highly Sensitive Christian website in 2009, when there was nobody I nor my readers could find in the Body of Christ who was taking a hard look at Elaine Aron’s concept of the highly sensitive person and teaching about it on the internet or in books.

I wrote into 2011. By then many wonderful believers had picked up the torch and were carrying it well, and I needed to back away from the blog and let it sit. After years of process I tried to come back and rekindle this old passion afresh. But more process now has taught me that it’s time to move on to a new project and to let this pass away.

I bless all who have read and benefited from my writings, from the past and present. May my new project be a blessing to many.

Gail Ruth
Following Jesus…

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The Best of Good News!

What we refer to here as “highly sensitive persons” are people who carry the genetic trait of sensory-processing sensitivity, as defined by Dr. Elaine Aron. Research has found this in around 20% of both men and women.

According to Dr. Aron, the most basic aspect of this trait is depth of processing, where we process thoughts, observations, everything… deeply. Which affects one’s entire experience of being in the world.

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I’ve been capturing the most delightful clues about God’s heart toward us for almost two decades now. And discovering that God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — is actually the loveliest and most desirable of Beings. Rich in heart, warm of emotions. The source of the best heart feelings in the world. Capable of unbelievable gentleness and lightness of touch in interacting with us. Captivating us with the wonder of Who He Is… What a magnificent God!

This is all the best of good news!

My Prayer

Father God, reveal Your delightful goodness to us so that our hearts can securely bond with Your heart! Teach our hearts how we can walk in the kind benefits of Jesus for us so that we relax in our relationship with You! May we grow up into the abundance of life that Jesus came to give us! The Name of Jesus!

The scriptures make it clear that God is rich with pleasures and delights. They also tell of how, in His loving kindness, God longs to share these riches with us. This is good news indeed!

Heady Stuff Indeed

Long before Jesus was on earth, King David sang of God’s pleasures. In one of his ancient Hebrew songs (Psalm 36:7-8), he extolled the virtues of God, referring to a resource God shares with those who “put their trust under the shadow of thy wings”. King David portrayed it this way, “…and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures”.

“… the river of thy pleasures”

Who knew God had one of those? Or that when we put our trust in Him we get to drink from it?

Since the word translated here as “pleasures” also means “delights”, we can rightly call this the River of God’s Pleasures and Delights! This is some pretty special stuff, because these are of God’s own pleasures and delights. Heady stuff indeed for us humans to drink of.

Got Delightful Living Water?

Fast forward several hundred years. Jesus is on the earth, and now He’s delivering more good news about divine water for spiritually thirsty people.

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Guest Post by Elissa Starks

I am coming to the realization I have been made “quirky” for a reason. I believe now that God has made us all with so much diversity. This really hit home at a visit to an aquarium.

A consummate fish nerd, I stood in awe at the 1.3 million gallon tank in front of me. It was feeding time, and I was struck by the unique feeding habits of each inhabitant of the tank.

The tuna, weighing 500 pounds or so, are the first to snatch up the food. They bulldoze over everyone (even over the sharks, which was surprising to me.) The sharks are a soft and boneless fish and could be injured or killed by these massive tuna torpedoes, so they hang out and are sometimes fed by the end of a pole. The smaller fish and sardines then eat the crumbs that fall from the huge fish.

My personal favorite was the ray who has to be fed altogether differently. She actually waits until everyone is done and goes all the way to the surface to be fed on the end of the pole.

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God Is Love

God has a deep love for people. This is the Christian Good Friday story of that love told from the beginning. Father God, may it give us eyes to see our world and Your goodness in a new way! The Name of Jesus!

A Simplistic Story As I Understand It

Long ago God created a perfect world. Our Creator, deliciously good Himself, declared His creation good. It was harmonious with all His beautiful, loving, happy emotions. Harmony, peace, and joy were defining, as they were defining of the Creator Himself.

The Creator chose a plot of ground on this new earth and planted a garden. It was a wonderful garden – without weeds, pest, blight, or drought.

Creator God then created a man and a woman who reflected His very image and gave them the garden as their home. He dearly loved this man and woman He had created and spent time with them and gave them joyful, satisfying, meaningful work. There was no death, no decay, and no unpleasantness. They flourished.

Their occupation was to serve and keep the garden in which they lived. (Keep it from what, I wonder? Maybe we’ll see?) But that wasn’t all. The plan was that, as they procreated and spread across the earth, they were to have dominion over the entire earth and everything in it.

Now, dominion isn’t the same thing as domination. Domination has to do with power over someone or something. But dominion is rulership, and Jesus Himself explained that the role of the leader is to humbly serve. “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant” (Matthew 23:11).

The Choice

When God planted this garden, He took a great and calculated risk. He placed a Choice in the garden. Why would He do this? Possibly because without a choice these people He loved could never truly be His friends. With no choice they could only be programmed, dominated, or controlled. And programming, domination, and control aren’t within the nature of God.

The essence of the Choice was to honor their Creator’s boundaries for them and live in this lovely world in satisfying relationship with their Creator. Or to violate the Creator’s wishes and seek beyond for what might lay outside. And He warned them that outside their present reality was death.

My imagination kicks in here. I can picture them in this loveliness wondering what exotic things God might be keeping from them. Was it better than this? Were they missing out on something they might desire? With no paradigm for anything but harmony, beauty, love, and a world bursting with life, they didn’t know what to expect. And being limited to their own reality, which was defined by the beauty of Who God Is, they could not access any other data for making this decision. They either had to choose to honor their great friend and loving Creator, or they could explore beyond His margins.

The day came that the man and the woman made their Choice, and they chose to explore the reality that was outside this loveliness God had entrusted to them. And there truly was a reality outside of it. It was a reality outside of God Himself.

All the things in that reality were outside the beautiful nature of God. I have no clue why it existed. That’s not part of this story. But it was real and it was filled with all the things that were dissonant to the nature of God.


And so humanity chose. It wasn’t God who chose; it was our kind who made the Choice. And in their choosing, they ushered in much that was dissonant to the beautiful nature of God: stress, discontent, broken relationships, shame, injury, disease, death, ingratitude, boredom, resistance, gossip, craving, and yes, even what we call outright evil (such as torturing people to death through crucifixion).

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