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Frequent Footnotes

These footnotes are frequently needed explanations that I haven’t written up into full posts, at least yet.


When I use the terms Elohim, Elohim GodCreator God, or simply God, I am referring to the One God revealed in the Bible scriptures, who encompasses the Persons of Father God, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit.

As a great mystery, scriptures are clear that Elohim God is One AND that He is plural.

Simplistically, the word Elohim is a Hebrew name for God that is used throughout the Old Testament, beginning in the first verse of the Bible where Elohim is credited with creating the heavens and the earth. This name is in a plural form, which the conversation of Elohim confirms. This is shown in the Genesis chapter 1 process of creating, where Elohim speaks using a plural identity, saying “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” (Genesis 1:26).

Scriptures unfold a portrayal of three clear Persons that make up this One Elohim. One Person is Father God, one is the Son Jesus, and one is the Holy Spirit. Each has distinct roles and functions, yet each carries the fullness of deity and the identity of being of Elohim.

We use the titles Father God, Son, and Holy Spirit based on how they speak of each other in the New Testament scriptures. Their separate identities can also be seen in the Old Testament.