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About Gail Ruth

Although I’ve been a follower of Jesus since I was a small child, it wasn’t until 2001 in midlife that my heart came alive with revelation of the beauty of God’s emotions and thoughts toward us. This entirely changed my experience of the world, of my faith, and even of my own self. The years since then have been spent progressively growing into this revelation through my love relationship with God.

photo of Gail RuthWithin a couple years after discovering God’s beauty and love, I learned of Elaine Aron’s research about the highly sensitive person and immediately identified with it. I understood then that the Holy Spirit had already been leading me into walking in harmony with this trait that I carry. That’s when I began to realize how much God loves the trait of high sensitivity in us, with its mix of strengths and weaknesses, and how intentional it all is.

I started the Highly Sensitive Christian blog in 2009 to express the ministering that was so well received by my circle of highly sensitive Christian friends and acquaintances. At the time, no one else I could find in the Christian world was yet talking about the trait of high sensitivity and it’s implications in how we live out and experience our faith. I continued to write and post into 2011, but then needed to leave the blog in God’s hands to do its work sharing the good news of Jesus. By then there were others writing about this.

Six years of journeying with God later, in early 2017, I returned to my blog with far richer clarity. I have begun recreating the site to reflect what God has taught my heart in the intervening years.

My greatest treasure continues to be being at peace with God through the kind benefits of the grace of Jesus Christ.